Keeping Items In Storage In Bellingham Wa Safe

by | Nov 10, 2017 | Transportation & Logistics

When someone decides to place items in a facility for Storage In Bellingham Wa, there is usually concern about their well-being. While most storage facilities offer secure areas for the holding of personal effects, a few steps can be taken to ensure their maximum protection. Here are some tips that can be used to keep items in storage safe from potential theft.

Make Sure Lighting Is Ample

It is a good idea to check out a storage facility in advance of placing items inside of rented space. Making sure there is plenty of lighting available around the unit will aid in keeping thieves from trying to break into the space. In addition, looking for surveillance cameras, security personnel, and restricted entry procedures is best.

Place More Valuable Items Near The Back

Placing items that are more valuable near the back wall of the unit will make it more difficult for someone to remove them from the storage unit. Placing items on top of and around these items will also make it challenging for a thief to get them out of the rented space. Place unattractive items in the front portion so nothing of value is able to be seen by someone who happens to be walking or driving past the unit at a time when the door is opened.

Hide Items In Obscure Locations

Placing more valuable items among items that are not considered to be worthy of stealing will make it more likely they will remain inside of the unit should someone happen to gain entry to the space. For example, place coins or a stamp collection inside a bin of old clothing or between the pages of paperback books.

Consider The Lock Used

Most storage facilities will require the renter to provide a lock to keep their items secure. It is a good idea to use a locking mechanism with a short clasp so wire-cutters cannot be used to remove it from the entryway. Asking a facility that offers Storage In Bellingham Wa about the locks used before renting a unit will allow for the mechanism to be purchased before moving items into the area.

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