Know the Signs That You May Need Dentures in Arlington Heights

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Dentistry

Even though you may do everything you can to take care of your teeth, they may simply degenerate over time. At some point, you may be one of the many people who need dentures in Arlington Heights. You’ll be better able to prepare for this eventuality if you know the early warning signs that you need more advanced dental care.

Teeth Frequently Crack

Cracking a tooth once in a while is to be expected but cracking several teeth in a short span of time suggests that you’re suffering from a more serious condition. As you get older, your teeth will become weak and brittle. If you’re concerned about cracking more teeth, avoid eating hard or sticky substances until you can visit your dentist.

Multiple Toothaches

If you have more than one toothache at a time, or if a new toothache emerges shortly after a previous one has been treated, talk to your dentist about dentures. Multiple toothaches suggest gum disease that’s affecting several or all of your teeth. In that case, you will have to treat the gum disease and explore your options for replacement teeth.

Your Ability to Eat or Speak Clearly is Impaired

At some point, a large number of missing, cracked, or crooked teeth may make it hard for you to eat certain foods. You may also find it difficult to speak as clearly as you once did. In that situation, your dentist will recommend getting dentures in Arlington Heights.

Whether you simply need a cleaning or you want to restore your smile, schedule an office with Schumer Family Dental Care.

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