Learn About a Dermatology in St. Paul, MN

by | Aug 7, 2013 | Health

Skin cancer continues to be on the rise today. There are many different reasons for this rise in occurrence. One of the top reasons for this, however, is continued exposure to the sun.

In many cases, the way a Dermatology in St. Paul, MN treats such a cancer follows a pretty typical scenario. The patient will usually either notice a place on their skin that is worrisome or their primary care doctor will notice something unusual during a routine visit. Further testing will be recommended which typically includes a visit to a specialist.

This specialist, often a Dermatology in St. Paul, MN, will assess the questionable area which usually results in taking a biopsy of the area. A biopsy is a medical procedure that involves the removal of a small section of the questionable area of skin. This section is then sent away to a lab for evaluation to determine if it contains cancerous cells.

In many instances, this biopsy can be done right there in the office of the Dermatology in St. Paul, MN. Usually the area that is biopsied is quite small as there is no need to remove large areas of the skin. This procedure is usually undertaken with only minor pain killing medications.

Once it has been determined that the area is cancerous, the Dermatology in St. Paul, MN will schedule a time and place to have the area removed. After this has happened, further testing is typically necessary to determine if the entire cancerous area was removed. Then the healing process can begin.

The healing process often involves procedures to smooth and fill in the skin. Cosmetic Fillers have been designed to replace the skin and other materials that were removed due to the cancer. By using the right fillers, a Dermatology in St. Paul, MN can reconstruct the skin to make it look as if nothing has ever occurred, such as a removal due to the presence of cancerous cells. This allows the patient to move on past their experience with cancer since they do not have this constant reminder of the incident on their skin.


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