Learning About AWWA Flange

by | Feb 19, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

AWWA flange is one of the industry standards for flanges. AWWA flange are aimed at potable water use for the most part. This constrasts the other industry standard which is ANSI. AWWA also only applies to threaded iron flanges, ring type, hub type and blind flanges. AWWA flanges are commonly used for commercial pipes.

Budgets and Machine Parts

Machine parts can be custom ordered. However, when custom ordered, it often takes several weeks for the company to manufacture the part. On average, expect to wait 3-8 weeks for most custom parts. A large order of custom parts can take longer to produce. Custom parts are usually made in America for faster production that is high quality. Most basic parts that are needed in bulk, such as AWWA flange are made in the United States and overseas. The manufacturing company you work with can tell you where the parts are produced.

Budgeting is an essential part of making sure any project runs smoothly. You want to be sure you start your proposals early in order to be approved for the budget and time constraints you’re working with. Many times budgets are looked at by the quarter, which allows you to have more money to play with for a particular project. Management may ask you to add parts to the project at any time in order to get more done in a shorter amount of time. When this happens, you must contact the company you’re buying the parts from immediately. In some cases, the company may be able to rush deliver the parts needed, which will allow you to have the project done by the due date regardless of the extra work involved.

Custom Parts and Flanges

Understand that custom parts take longer to produce, which is why those orders should be placed first. Many times a budget will be amended as the end of the year draws closer and management realizes there’s more money than initially anticipated. You will see that working with one company for every parts order will benefit you in the long run. You want to create a long working relationship with the same company, which can sometimes qualify you to better negotiate when buying parts in bulk. For custom orders, the company may also rush the order in order to accommodate you if they know you are a regular source of reliable business.

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