Need Dental Work? Call A Dentistry Office in North Attleboro, MA

by | Aug 23, 2013 | Dentistry

It’s important for everyone to find a good dentist to keep their mouth healthy. A dentstry North Attleboro MA office will greet new patients with warmth and care. If their mouth is already in good shape, they’ll ensure that it remains healthy. However, if it’s been awhile since the patient has been to the dentist, then they might need some dental work done. Older patients may have unattractive silver dental fillings. If the dentist tells them they need to be replaced, they might be very pleased at the new resin fillings. These match the tooth perfectly, and can really brighten a smile.

If a tooth does need to be extracted by the Dentistry North Attleboro MA practitioner, it will be a painless procedure. Normally, a patient feels some pressure but that is all. After the gum has healed the patient can discuss the options for dealing with the space caused by the missing tooth. Today an dental implant is the preferred treatment. The dentist inserts a titanium screw in the jaw to take the place of a root. After several months, a porcelain crown is attached to the dental implant. The result is so believable, no one will guess that it’s not the original tooth.

Gum disease can ruin a person’s gums and cause them to lose teeth and even damage their jaw bone. Regular visits to the dentstry North Attleboro MA can find it, when it’s small and easily treatable. This is critical because gum disease is caused by bacteria that can spread throughout a person’s body. It’s even been linked to heart disease and more recently to pancreatic cancer. The dentist can clean away the bacteria. There are even implants with antibiotics on them that can be put along the gumline, to knock out the infection.

Once a patient’s mouth is healthy, they may decide that they want to to be beautiful as well. Teeth whitening treatments are the most requested procedures in most dental offices. A Dentistry North Attleboro MA professional can lighten a patient’s teeth up to eight shades in about an hour. They will love the way their smile looks.

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