One Call for Fast Flood Restoration in Oceanside, CA

by | Oct 5, 2013 | Restoration

When you have had water damage in your home, time is precious, because mold can begin to develop in only an hour’s time. Once you breathe in mold spores, you can get sick, and those who are elderly or very young, or those who have asthma or other illnesses, are more at risk for developing breathing problems due to mold. Not only mold, but each additional hour that the water is in the house means additional water soaking into more drywall, more insulation, more wiring, more hardwood floors, more carpets, and so on.

Calling quickly for flood restoration in Oceanside, CA can spare you from having to replace your hardwood or laminated flooring. Water will at least discolor it and make it darker, if not warp it so that pieces are lumpy and corners stick up. Calling quickly may save your expensive flooring. Even though insurance may cover the replacement, it’s less disruption if the restoration service can save it in the first place. Whether your home owner’s insurance would pay to replace any part of the damaged structure or contents can only be answered by your insurance company, because many insurers don’t cover flood damage and you have to specifically purchase flood insurance.

Without calling in the professionals, you would likely have to get rid of the carpets and carpet padding. A service who provides professional flood restoration in Oceanside, CA has powerful extraction equipment that may be able to save your floors, including your carpeting and pads. If your home owner’s insurance wouldn’t cover it and you don’t have flood insurance, this kind of service can save your home and save you an untold amount of replacement costs.

Part of flood restoration in Oceanside, CA is to not just pump water out but literally extract it out of places where you can’t even see standing water. The team also has equipment that will remove bacteria and mold spores. Even just an inch of standing water can do thousands of dollars worth of damage. One phone call and a professional team will be there in less than an hour to help you save your home.

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