Opt for 24 Hour Live-in Care for Peace of Mind

by | Jun 24, 2013 | Healthcare

If you have an elderly relative who is sometimes forgetful or frequently needs assistance around the home, you could find yourself sitting at work worrying that they are okay. Why not choose a 24 hour live-in care service that can look after your loved one in their own home, preventing the need for residential care and giving you peace of mind?

Home nursing care Wiltshire services can offer a 24 hour live-in care package which meets all the needs of your relative. With a cost comparable to many residential care homes, the benefits of home care are that your relative can remain in their own home, surrounded by their possessions, and also that the cost of home care can usually be offset against their home’s capital appreciation.

How it works

When you enquire about live-in care, the agency of your choice will usually come to meet the family and discuss your relative’s needs. They should get to know the likes and dislikes of the client, and learn about their routines in the morning and at night, as well as addressing any health and safety issues and carrying out a risk assessment. A tailored Care Plan will be drawn up and a team of carers appointed – most reputable agencies will always ensure continuity of care so that the same team of carers are always present on a rotational basis. This is important so that your relative feels safe amongst people that he or she knows and feels comfortable with. It’s vital to select carers who will get along with clients, and reliable Home nursing care Wiltshire agencies always try to match personalities and interests to ensure a good fit.

What will Live-in Carers do?

A live-in carer will provide all of the same services as a daily carer. They can assist clients in getting out of bed, washed and dressed, prepare and cook meals, make a hot drink, do shopping either alone or with the client and generally run the house as well as offering companionship to the client. By appointing a live-in carer, you can rest easy during the working day but also at night knowing that your loved ones are being taken good care of in your absence.

Choosing a 24 hour live-in care service is a great way to ensure that your loved ones can remain independent in their own homes, whilst receiving round the clock assistance and care. It’s important to choose a reputable home care agency that are registered with the Care Commission, who will carry out assessments and provide a tailored care plan to all clients before commencement of the care package. Avoid any agencies that can’t provide continuity of care, as having a new face to get used to every week can be very unsettling!

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