Peg Members Can Import vCard to Andriod to Share and Save Contact Information

by | Jan 31, 2014 | Business

Peg is a website that allows members to save and share contact information in a quick and safe manner. They do so with vcards. A vcard is a vcf file that is a digital business card. It saves contact information to an address book on computers or smart phones. Therefore, members can import vcard to android, iPhone, or other important business tools used on a daily basis. Vcards will help a business grow much faster than handing out traditional cards. The information is savable in a universal format in seconds that will not sit idly on a random desk, be shoved into a wallet and forgotten, or accidentally thrown in the trash.

People who have Peg accounts claim the concept works in a simplistic manner that is user friendly. Your vcard provided by Peg is also reciprocal, when a Peg member saves your contact information, you get theirs in return, just like exchanging business cards. Although it is geared toward business use, individuals may also sign up to use a vcard for personal use. The information is never shared with third parties and there are extensive privacy details. Personal contact information is only shared if the member approves.

There are three ways to use a vcard. Members can place a link in association with the vcard that will allow people to save contact information by accessing the link wherever it is posted. They can also connect their Google Calendar to Peg, which will automatically email contact information to people who join their business meetings. The vcard can also be synced with social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, which will also automatically message or email their vcard to the members’ new connections.

People can easily join Peg to get a more efficient vcard; no app download is required. They simply have to sign up via email, social media networks, or Google+. Jason Cohen is the CEO of Peg who created the idea with other key people like Troy Polsey and J.D. Gershan. Their frustrations grew while adding contact information to address books repeatedly. Despite having technological advancements on smart phones and computers, it was still a difficult and timely task. Now, with the import vcard to android function, the information is saved quickly on the most notable business devices.

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