Prepare for a Law School Career in Los Angeles

by | Sep 18, 2013 | Law Schools

Many people enter college with the goal of becoming lawyers. Preparing for this career is important if you want to secure employment right after graduation. Before you apply, enroll in the right high school courses and review a personalized career guide. Take the right steps to choose a good Law School in Los Angeles.

To become a successful law student, prepare all through high school and at the start of your college career. During the freshman year, work closely with an academic counselor. This advisor tells you the best classes to take and sets you for the next few years. Attend classes in diverse fields of study. Many law students change majors quickly, so interests may change. Take English to improve your writing and science classes to improve your analytical skills. Being able to react quickly, analyze details and negotiate well are qualities of a good lawyer.

Participating in extracurricular activities is just as important as taking classes. The best lawyers are actively involved in the community. They stay updated about current events and changing laws in the field that interests them. If they want to do environment law, they are usually involved in environmentalism. Law students can participate on campus by joining the debate team or becoming a legal tutor.

Prepare well for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) that you must pass to get admitted into law school. The LSAT is made to analyze skills in reading, writing and logic. This test is taken by students all over the world. Take LSAT preparatory classes found online or on a school campus. Also, join study groups and take practice tests. Getting a high score is essential if you want to get into an ideal school.

Getting accepted into a good law school does not just involve preparing for an admission test. First, review the various types of law schools. Public colleges cost less than private ones, and part-time schools are more accommodating for adults with fulltime jobs. Some colleges are more suited to different fields like environmental or international law. Choose the most appropriate school for your career goals.

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