Property Management in Monterey CA

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Real Estate

Property Management in Monterey CA can be a challenge. You have to find the right mix of tenants and a good landscaping/handyman as well.

The place to start is with tenants. Take the tenants on the tour of the property so they can get to know what to expect noise-wise and neighbor-wise. Point out the amenities like a swimming pool, exercise room and/or security features. It is wise to have them come visit at night as well to check for excess noise. Be sure to point out whether the apartment has washer/dryer hookups or whether there is a communal washing machine area. Ask about pets. Usually in apartments, a cat or small dog will be acceptable.

Various income limits come from different cities. The general rule is that the cost of renting cannot be more than a third of the applicant’s paycheck. You want to look for someone clean cut who looks responsible. It is also a good idea to check all references – especially past renting history. Once all that is complete and satisfactory, it’s time to sign the lease. It is best to use a standard lease – one that is easy to understand. After all the signatures, your tenant is ready to move in.

Maintenance care for the complex falls under your control. You want to make sure that the grass is mowed and the shrubs are maintained. If you’re feeling fancy, flower gardens make a nice addition to the complex adding bright and cheerful color to the surroundings.

If a tenant turns out to be trouble even after going through the application process, it may be necessary to remove them from the property. This involves going to court to enumerate the transgressions and file for eviction. Usually the tenant will have thirty days to clear out unless the infractions are too bad for them to continue living there. When the happens, tenants can be out in days.

Property Management in Monterey CA is not an easy job, but it has its rewards. Finding the right apartment for the right tenants provides a sense of satisfaction to the property manager. For more information visit Coast and Valley Properties, Inc today.

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