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by | Aug 28, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Water is a vital nutrient which every living thing on this planet needs to survive. However, water typically doesn’t come pure and is easily affected by the different areas where it is found. Some excellent examples of this are the oceans or salt lakes which are filled with salt water, but fresh water has this problem as well. To keep our water potable many municipalities treat their water through various means although the most common is a chlorine additive which is designed to kill germs and various bacteria. These treatments typically do not treat the water for other problems like hardness or acid levels.

Hard water is defined as water that is high in mineral salts such as calcium and magnesium. These salts limit the formation of lather in soaps. This type of water is not really harmful to your health, but it can affect your plumbing due to calcium buildup. For example, hot water heaters tend to collect calcium deposits in them which get trapped in the bottom or on the heating elements. In gas water heaters, this scale can reduce the effective heating ability because it blocks the bottom of the tank. For electric water heaters the scale buildup on the heating elements can cause them to burn out earlier than normal. Hard water isn’t really a filtration problem. In fact, it requires a different method of treatment called reverse osmosis or ion exchange polymers for best results. Reverse osmosis is a purification method that uses a semipermeable membrane which the water is passed through. While this sounds like filtration the device actually uses a chemical driven process to remove the mineral salts.

Acidic water or non-alkaline water is just as hazardous to the plumbing. It can cause corrosion and staining, especially when using copper pipes. The stains are usually easy to see as they are a bluish green which comes from the copper in the pipes themselves. When left untreated, this corrosion will eventually cause leaks and damage to the fixtures and seals in your plumbing. Very few areas have dangerously acidic water, but acidity is based on PH levels. If you are concerned with the water in your home you can contact companies like A.C. Rimmer for Water Treatment in Hershey and they can test your water’s PH levels to determine what type of treatment you require.

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