Questions You Should Ask When Replacing Your Air Conditioning in Lake Oswego Unit

by | May 31, 2014 | Air Conditioning

As you almost certainly know, air conditioning units do not last for ever. The good news, however, is that if you own an old air conditioner, you can save some money by replacing it. Efficiency has improved considerably since your old unit was installed. Purchasing and installing new air conditioning in Lake Oswego requires some serious thought. Before you hire a contractor to install you new device, here are some questions you should ask.

First, ask the prospective contractor if they will address your AC replacement using the house-as-a system tactic. Preferably, you should hire a contractor who is knowledgeable in building science as well as HVAC systems, and will deal with your air conditioning issue using a systems tactic. An air conditioning in Lake Oswego unit is just one part of many that aids with the cooling and heating of your house. Air leakage, insulation, solar gain via windows, duct leakage, and several other factors all affect the healthfulness, durability, energy efficiency and comfort of your home.

Another question you should ask the prospective contractor is if they check for duct leaks. What happens within the cooling unit is only a part of the process of making your house cool and comfy. Your unit’s distribution system plays an important role, and the standard duct system often has lots of leaks. If you are paying a considerable sum of money to run your AC unit, you do not want to squander that cooling because of leaks within your duct system.

Another question to ask is whether the contractor examines the air flow within the ducts and makes repair recommendations if needed. Duct leakage is not the only issue with getting cold air into your house. Several duct systems do not move sufficient air as a result of ducts that are not big enough, too long, kinked, or have other kinds of limitations. The contractor should calculate the total exterior static pressure and ensure it is within the limits stipulated for the equipment that they are installing. Preferably, they should also gauge the air flow to all the rooms to ensure your house will be cooled and heated evenly. Remember, it is not just about the air conditioning in Lake Oswego system. Your unit’s overall performance depends so much on how properly the ducts transfer the conditioned air.

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