Repairing the Structural Steel in Your Building in Regina, Saskatchewan

Structural steel buildings are great, but even they have their limitations. Every commercial building built with structural steel that is over sixty or seventy years old may be in serious need of repair or major maintenance by now. If you have a commercial building in Saskatchewan with structural steel as its “skeleton,” you may want to talk to a contractor that provides structural steel construction in Regina. Here’s how a contractor that offers structural steel construction in Regina will approach your building’s situation.

A Full Assessment of the Steel Structure

The first step is to ascertain any weak points in the steel structure. The contractor notes where these weak points are so they can address them during reconstruction and/or repair. A full assessment of the building based on age of the steel and the age of the building overall is conducted so that both you and the contractor are aware of existing structural issues and areas that may become an issue in the not-to-distant future.

An Estimate for Restoration, Repair, and/or Reconstruction is Provided

After the assessment but before the work can begin, the contractor will provide you with an estimate and a detailed work order. You can decide for yourself, based on your budget, where you want to start work and how much of the work order you want and need to complete right away. To help motivate your project, contact Credence Construction LTD at

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