Services Offered by an Implant Dentist in Suffolk County

by | Sep 2, 2013 | Dentistry

An Implant Dentist Suffolk County is trained in the installation of dental implants. These are replacements for natural teeth that have been lost, either to injury or decay. Implants are preferred to bridges in most cases s these appliances don’t depend on the use of adjacent teeth for support. People also consider them a better alternative to dentures because they look and function like biological teeth.

The materials used in the dental implants are compatible with human tissue. The screws used for placement are most often made of surgical titanium, a material that is one of the strongest known to humanity. The screws are placed into the jaw of the patient, than a ceramic tooth is added to the post. A crown completes the assembly process. Most implants are of this type. However, there are some that use very little jaw bone. Instead, a metal frame is fitted over the bone. This is good for patients who have lost bone; however, the results may not be a durable as the screw post type of dental implant.

Implants can also be used to provide support for dental bridges in cases where almost all of a patient’s teeth need to be replaced. This is a more appealing alternative to dentures, because the results appear to be more like real teeth. These do cost more, but many people prefer them if they are an option. Not everyone can have an implant procedure, so speaking with an implant dentist in Suffolk County about the options is recommended. Some people who suffer from health problems that cause issues with healing, such as diabetes, are not eligible for this procedure. Patients with gum disease must also be treated to return their gums to a healthy state before this procedure can commence.

The dental implant process is not fast; it can take approximately nine months to complete. When the initial posts are inserted, it may take six months alone for the mouth to heal. Some implants are inserted with the posts at the same time. Once all of this looks good, a dental crown is placed over the whole assembly for extra support and structure. Visit website for more information.

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