Should I buy printed USB flash drives or custom printed t-shirts for my next giveaway!

by | Feb 7, 2013 | Computer And Internet

Marketing to customers is all about getting their attention and keeping your product and service in their minds at all times. As you already know promotional items are the best way to achieve this goal. Items with your company’s name and logo are the best way to transition potential customers into existing ones.
What you may not realize is that the specific promotional item you choose affects whether or not you grab consumers’ attention and keep it. When you’re trying to answer the question, “Should I buy printed USB flash drivers or custom printed t-shirts for my next giveaway?” the choice is simple. However, before answering the question, let’s take a look at both promotional items.
Using T-shirts as Promotional Tool Are Great—For Yesterday’s Promotional Giveaways
Using custom T-shirts have been a popular promotional too because it makes sense. For instance, everyone needs clothes. Also, people typically read messages or company names printed on T-shirts. Most importantly, as a marketing tool, the shirts draw interest in your product or service. For many businesses, whether large or small, the custom T-shirts are an effective, cheap way to market an audience. What a way to receive free, repeat advertising and create a walking billboard, right? Not so fast.

The Future Promotional Marketing Tool—Promotional USB Flash Drives
USB drives are the small memory sticks that are used to store information such as documents, websites or graphics. All customers have to do is plug the drives into a computer and save the information. It’s like the old floppy disks, but better and more convenient.
Like custom t-shirt, the custom USB drives have your company’s name and/ or logo printed on them. However, you have to do more than decide the color you want on the USB drives. For example, you have to decide the amount of data the drives will hold. Also, will you pre-load data such as your business information or keep them blank.

Repeated Engagement

You should definitely pick custom USB drives for you next promotional giveaway. T-shirts are an old way of marketing. Besides, as much as you don’t want to think about it, t-shirts are usually worn once, but never again. Sometimes the shirts are donated to a second hand store or used to wash cars. Depending on how popular your company is, you may find custom shirts on an online shopping website.

Therefore, you spent money getting the shirts printed with your company’s name and/ logo expecting people to wear them. Yet, you precious promotional budget is wasted because no one will wear or see your t-shirts.

What makes custom USB drives the future of marketing and your perfect choice of a promotional giveaway is they are always needed. It doesn’t matter if everyone you give a drive to has a computer or not, everyone needs to store information. Whether it’s a simple Word document or a website design, people need to store data for later use. Often times, they place drives on their key chains or in their bags.

Thus, when your company’s logo and/ or name are on a custom drive, it’s always with them. In fact, the drives also provide word of mouth advertising. When customers are using their drives at the library, café or business or school meeting, people often want to know “Where did you get that?”
So, when you’re choosing between custom t-shirt or promotional USB flash drives, pick the latter. You know USB drives are like gold to anyone who uses a computer. It won’t be donated to a second hand store or used as a hand rag like a custom, promotional t-shirt.

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