Some Basic Guidelines for Flying Car Flags

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Flags are used in so many different ways. They serve the purpose of affiliating an individual with a business, team, country or local agency. They provide a company with a means of advertising. Advertising flags can be displayed in a number of ways. They can be hung from a flag pole or draped from a building. They can be placed on a stick and waved at an event or game. They can also become mobile. One of the most common ways a person or company can accomplish this is through car flags.

What are Car Flags?

A car flag is as the name indicates, a flag placed upon a car. These mobile devices are frequently used to indicate the support of the vehicle’s driver and/or its occupants for a specific sports team. For example, many car flags carry the motto or insignia of various baseball, football and hockey teams. They can also show support for a political candidate or a specific business. You can even order a custom flag or event flags.

In some instances, however, the term “car flag” will refer to flags used in racing. Race cars do not wear flags. On the track, however, they are subject to a variety of flags. These car flags provide them with instructions and directions. An example is a checkered flag.

What are they made from?

Car flags are subject to all kinds of weather. Because of their position – usually flying from an antenna or hung from a pole outside a vehicle, they daily face whatever the weather decides to throw at them that day. This includes the blazing sun, pouring rain, gale-force winds and freezing rain or snow. As a result, high quality car flags are made from hardy material. They must be highly weather resistant.

Common fabrics for car flags are polyester – including knitted polyester. Car flags that are 100% polyester are durable in all types of weather. They are usually V treated to protect the design and prevent the colors from running and fading quickly.

Flying Car Flags?

When it comes to hanging a car flag, you do have several possibilities. While some actually employ magnets, the most common choice is a small plastic pole. This stick fits easily to a car window. The poles come in various sizes and are of different lengths for varied purposes. Some are more flexible than others are. The poles fit on easily using a clip. Alternatively, you can opt for a car magnet or, instead, hang the flag from an antenna.

Car flags are a wonderful means of showing your support for a business or a team. They can promote an event. A custom flag maker can provide you with the means to realize your design. Go online and check what your local flag manufacturer has to offer.

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