Surgical Abortion in Chicago: What To Expect

by | Aug 8, 2013 | Health

Before having an abortion, a woman must first determine she is actually pregnant. This can be done through a blood test or urine analysis. Finally, an ultrasound should be conducted to determine how far along pregnancy has gone.

There are a few different ways to perform an Abortion in Chicago, however, the further along the pregnancy has progressed, the only safe way is through surgery. The surgical abortion terminates a pregnancy through a procedure removing the placenta and fetus from a woman’s body or womb. During the surgery, a doctor uses a vacuum to remove any material related to a pregnancy from the patient’s uterus.

What to expect during an Abortion in Chicago

The day before the surgery, a doctor may place some sticks of medicinal seaweed or dilator rods into the cervix, that help to stretch the cervix. The day of the procedure the patient will be placed on an examination table with the feet in the stirrups so the doctor can best view the cervix and vagina. The patient will be given a medication to help them feel sleepy and relaxed, and the cervix may also be numbed to decrease pain. Once they are relaxed, numb, and comfortable, a tube is placed in the womb and suction is used to remove the fetus and placenta. To slow down bleeding after the Abortion in Chicago, they will be given a medication to aid with uterus contractions.

Complications are unusual during this procedure, however, women should be aware that there are risks. The uterus could be perforated, infected, or become scarred, as a result of this procedure. Other infections could also occur, such as in the Fallopian tubes. The cervix or womb could be damaged, which could result women not being able to become pregnant at a later time. The surgery could have to be performed again, because all of the fetus and pregnancy tissue were not removed. There is also a risk of excessive bleeding or hemorrhage. Some people have difficulty breathing because of a reaction to medications used during the surgery.

Abortion is a personal choice, and whatever you choose, that choice should be up to you. Talk to a trusted friend, family member, or your health care provider to decide what is the right option for you.

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