Talk to the Kerala Tour Operator about Kids and River Rafting.

by | Mar 21, 2013 | Travel & Vacations

Just because you’re a parent who believes in taking your kids with you when you go on vacations to exotic locations like Kerala, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for a boring old vacation. Many parents have taken advantage of and have brought their children along for the ride.

While there’s no reason you can take your children with you when you decide to take advantage of a river rafting tour, you do have to be a little practical. Clearly this won’t be a trip you should take your infant on.

When you have kids and want to take advantage of a river rafting tour, you need to speak to the Kerala tour operator long before the proposed adventure. While you might be comfortable with the situation, the Kerala tour operator might not be. If they don’t think that it’s a good idea, you can’t get upset, you need to respect their opinion and look for someone else.

Another thing reason you need to let the Kerala tour operator know about your plans to take your children along will be so they can gauge the dangers of the situation. While there might be some areas they might prefer to avoid when they have kids along. Some might make a change in the itinerary if they feel the water will be too rough, or they’re worried about alligators.

Not bringing your infants and toddlers along should be no brainer, but you should also make sure the children you do take, not only know how to swim, but also know what to do if they get caught in a strong current. If you’re child isn’t comfortable in the water, you will need to make alternative plans.

Even though your child might be an excellent swimmer, you need to make it very clear that the whole time they are on the raft, they will be required to wear a life jacket. After all, accidents to happen and the lifejacket could very well be the difference between life and death. You need to lead by example and also wear a life jacket the entire time you’re on the water, even when the conditions are smooth. Make sure the Kerala tour operator has life-jackets that fit properly.

The movement of the raft on the water, the constant humidity Kerala’s known for, and the generally long day means that your children, especially the youngest ones will get sleepy. The best thing you and the Kerala tour operator can do is to set up a portion of the raft to act as a kind of crash pad where they can sleep. Make sure that it’s towards the middle of the raft so there’s no chance of them rolling off the raft in their sleep.

Since the Kerala rafting trips are generally long make sure you have shade, sunblock, water, and plenty of snacks on hand.

The Kerala Travel Centre wants to make sure your trip is everything you ever imagined it could be. They have seasoned Kerala Tour Operators on hand for every type of adventure.

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