The Importance of Reputable TOEFL Training in NYC

by | Feb 25, 2013 | Education

If English is not your first language and you plan on attending a college in which English is the first language or plan on working for the government or an affluent business, you might be required to take the TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language. If this is the case, you will need to undergo proper training to perform well on the test. There are specific courses for TOEFL training in NYC. Understanding what to look for will offer you the best chance at success.


There are basic reading strategies that are necessary to pass the TOEFL. Look for courses that offer a variety of reading strategies, including understanding the meaning of words through the context, understanding the meanings of sentences and being able to put it into your own words and making inferences from the text.


A large part of grasping the English language is being able to listen and comprehend what is being said, especially in the workforce. A reputable class for TOEFL training in NYC will focus on teaching strategies for listening, including obtaining all details and understanding the entire meaning and function of what is spoken. Because the spoken language is vital to understand in the workplace, this is an important component of any course.


When you have mastered reading and listening skills, it is time to work on putting it all together with speaking skills. A reputable course will teach you to read and listen to the same passage and then learn how to speak about it intelligently. You will learn various speaking strategies, including thinking before you speak and forming the right response.


Once reading, listening and speaking are mastered, it is time to put your skills to paper. Being able to read a passage and then write about it in essay form, as well as answer particular questions, is important. The right course will focus on proper grammar and techniques for writing correctly to pass the TOEFL test.

Preparing for the TOEFL test can be a bit overwhelming, which is why it is important to find reputable TOEFL training in NYC. The right course will prepare you for the test directly by breaking the course down into the four categories on which the test focuses. This will enable you to have the utmost success when taking the test and allow you to further your options, whether it is with college admissions or obtaining a job.

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