The Importance of Supplements for Prostate Health

by | Oct 17, 2012 | Health And Fitness

Men have a wide variety of health issues to be concerned about as they age. One of the most common health issues that affects more than 50 percent of men is prostate health issues. As men age, it is normal to have issues with the prostate, but when the issues become bothersome or affect the quality of a man’s life, they can be troublesome. Understanding the various issues a prostate can have, as well as the importance of supplements for prostate health, will help you be more aware of your own health.


Young men can get prostatitis, which means an inflammation of the prostate caused by an infection. This infection can be caused by bacteria or the inflammation can occur for no reason. It usually occurs in younger men and causes painful urination or difficulty urinating, as well as fever and the chills. Some prostatitis has no symptoms initially but eventually turns into a painful bladder infection with many symptoms.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

This occurs most often to men over 40, but it can start occurring around the age of 25 for some men. This is another word for an enlarged prostate that is not caused by infection. It is simply a normal part of aging. It is the symptoms and effects of the enlarged prostate that become bothersome and can cause secondary infections that are dangerous. An enlarged prostate affects a man’s ability to urinate correctly. It can either increase the urgency, frequency or ability to urinate at all. If it is not taken care of, it can turn into bladder and kidney infections that are very dangerous. Supplements for prostate health can help alleviate these symptoms.

Prostate Cancer

This can occur at any age, as any cancer can, but is more common in middle-aged men. A few of the symptoms that differentiate prostate cancer from an enlarged prostate include back pain, ejaculation difficulty and blood found in the urine or even in the semen.

Checking Prostate Health

It is recommended that men have a yearly exam after the age of 40 to keep an eye on the size of their prostate, as well as check their PSA levels to determine if they are high enough to indicate prostate cancer. The number of men who have issues with their prostates increases with every year they age; by the age of 80, 80 percent of men have prostate health issues that require the help of supplements for prostate health. It is also important for all men to have a healthy lifestyle, including eating properly, staying active and limiting the amount of alcohol they consume to keep their prostate in good health.

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