Tips on How to Overcome Gluten Allergy

by | Apr 9, 2013 | Healthcare

Gluten allergy is one of the most prevalent forms of food allergy that affects millions of people across the world, including, women, men, and children. This form of food allergy, as the term suggests, is mainly caused by gluten, a protein that us usually found in wheat, barley, and rye. Though the severity and symptoms of gluten allergy vary from one individual to another, a person affected by this allergy would most likely experience asthma, vomiting, nausea, abdominal cramps, swelling, and hives. If the patient or individual is very sensitive to gluten, the symptoms of such food allergy might pose serious threats to the person’s life.

Medical practitioners and professionals have yet to discover the causes and reasons why some people would develop this form of food allergy. For this reason, drug manufacturers are still unable to develop medications to alleviate this allergy. The medications made for this type of food allergy were only designed to reduce the pain from the patient’s small intestine and not to stop the allergic reaction.

Examine your gluten tolerance

If you feel that your body is sensitive to gluten, make sure to undergo a clinical examination from an allergy testing center. Basically, a clinical examination that is conducted by a gluten allergy doctor in Louisville KY will help you determine if your symptoms are actually caused by gluten. If the allergy doctor finds out that you are allergic to gluten, he or she will provide recommendations and pointers on how to prevent gluten allergy.

Aside from having a clinical examination, you can also identify if you are sensitive to gluten by having yourself tested through a gluten intolerance kit. Gluten intolerance kits can be found on local land-based stores, and are not very expensive. In order to use a gluten intolerance kit, you just have to follow the instructions provided on its manual.

Change your lifestyle

If you found out that you are allergic to gluten, try to change your diet and lifestyle. With a lifestyle change, you will be able to allow your system to recover from the negative effects of consuming gluten. In order to find the right diet and lifestyle for your need, consult a qualified dietitian or a Gluten Allergy Doctor in Louisville KY. A food allergist or dietitian can help you create or tailor a diet plan that would best suit your condition.

Learn more about gluten

To prevent gluten allergy, make sure to get substantial information about gluten variations. Gluten is present in some surprising beverages and foods like flavored potato chips, some herbal teas, instant rice mixes, cold cuts, licorice, chocolates, egg substitutes, beer and salad dressings.


Read the ingredient list and nutritional value labels on all of the foods that you are going to purchase at your grocery store. In this case, make sure that all the food items in your grocery tray are fee from gluten. With the prevalence of food allergy, food manufacturers are now required to include labels to their products, so to consumers can be able to identify if they contain gluten.

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