Types Of Sedation Dentistry Available In Montreal

by | Aug 7, 2013 | Dental Care

A number of people bear severe apprehension when they think of visiting a dentist. Perhaps they had a negative previous negative experience with dental care. For some, the thought of all the instruments the dentist uses strikes fear in their hearts. Others may simply have an extremely low tolerance for pain. Sedation Dentistry Montreal may be the answer for those falling into these categories.

For most dental procedures, the exception being routine cleanings, a local anesthetic is given through an injection at the site of the dental work being done and in the back of the mouth. Some patients avoid dental care for that one reason; they are reluctant to have needles inserted into their gum tissue.

The varying types and levels of Sedation Dentistry Montreal can help them relax enough to receive vital dental care. Patients may be lightly, moderately or heavily sedated during their oral treatment. The appropriate level of sedation would depend on their degree of fear and the procedure they will be undergoing.

The most frequently used method of Sedation Dentistry Montreal is nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas. A mask is placed over the patient’s nose and mouth, and the nitrous oxide is inhaled. This keeps the patient alert but in a more relaxed state than without any type of sedation.

With oral sedation, the patient will be given an oral sedative in pill form to be taken approximately an hour before the procedure is scheduled to take place. The patient will still be in a conscious state and able to respond to the dentist but will be in a state of extreme relaxation.

IV sedation operates on the same principles as oral sedation, but the sedative is administered through the use of an IV drip rather than in pill form. Like the previously mentioned forms of sedation, the patient will be conscious enough to interact with the dentist but will be very relaxed.

General anesthesia can also be used for dental patients. This is the same type of anesthesia used in surgical procedures. The patient will not be conscious when using this type of sedation. Unlike other forms of sedation, no oral anesthesia will be required due to the heavy level of sedation the anesthesia provides.

All forms of Sedation Dentistry Montreal assist those who fear the dentist or will be undergoing lengthy procedures. They help patients receive necessary care through providing relaxation.



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