Updating the Landscaping: How the Right Masonry Services in New Canaan, CT Can Help

by | Jun 23, 2016 | Landscaping

While the back yard doesn’t look bad, some changes would make it more attractive and functional. Along with looking at new shrubs and similar elements, think of how adding some masonry would enhance the space. Here are some of the ways that one of the Masonry Services in New Canaan CT can make a difference.

Ideas for Retaining Walls

There are several sloped areas in the back yard, and that makes it difficult to really use those spaces for anything. One solution is to add a retaining wall or two. Doing so provides the chance to put those elevated areas to good use as locations for flower beds. There’s also the possibility of excavating a flat space in front of one of those slopes, use a decorative retaining wall as a backdrop, and set up the perfect place to sunbathe. To make the space even more decorative, a line of blooming plants along the top of the retaining wall will add color and style to the space.

Updating the Patio

The patio is basically a concrete slab, but it could be so much more. A professional from one of the Masonry Services in New Canaan CT could point out ways to enhance the space in some manner. For example, the concrete could be polished and tinted with a color to mimic the look of carpeting. There’s even the possibility of having the professional cover the concrete with some type of tile. When the project is over, the patio will become one of the favorite places for the family to gather.

New Edging for the Flower Beds

The privacy fence is great, but it looks a little drab. Dress it up by adding flower beds along the base. Use some type of masonry like decorative bricks for the border. Match that with some blooming shrubs or possibly banks of flowers with a small tree thrown in every ten feet or so, and the privacy fence will appear drab no longer.

If the back yard is due for a makeover, call the team at Giglio Landscaping Services today. From adding masonry touches to choosing new plants for the space, the team will soon come up with a plan that makes the space more functional and beautiful than ever.

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