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by | Jun 5, 2013 | Pest Control

Skunks are commonly known for their poignant odor and black and white markings. Some skunks have brown or cream colored fur. Regardless of color, all skunks have some form of warning coloration or patterns. The warning coloration is a form of aposematism. Aposematism is defined as a defense mechanism that warns a potential predator that the prey is armed with a secondary defense mechanism that may be deadly, unappetizing or toxic. In the case of skunks, their primary defenses are the visible markings on the body. The most common patterns are stripped, swirled or spotted. Along with the usual coloration, skunks produce an oily liquid that is used to warn off and attack predators. The liquid is produced in a gland beneath the tail. An adult skunk can spray the noxious liquid as far as 10 feet.

While skunks are not overly aggressive, they will spray any predator that does not heed their warnings. Prior to spraying, a skunk may stamp its feet aggressively or hiss. The animal may raise its tail as a warning as well. Should a predator not back off after the warning displays, the skunk will douse its target. The liquid is foul smelling and can last for several days. Pet owners who have had curious pets sprayed, often have to bath the animal multiple times to get the lingering odor out. Skunks are often given a wide berth because of their it. When home owners start to see signs of skunks in their yard or run across one at night, a skunk removal Edmond OK company is readily available to take care of the problem.

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