What to look for When Choosing an Emergency Veterinarian Hospital in Millersville

by | Jun 5, 2013 | General

Most of us consider our pets members of the family. It can be very stressful when they have a medical emergency. Having access to a top-notch emergency veterinary hospital can help reduce your stress.

A pet emergency is not the ideal time to choose your vet. It is better to schedule your pet for routine care at a full-service practice that offers emergency services. This gives you a chance to evaluate the practice. When searching for an Emergency Veterinarian Hospital Millersville pet owners should look for signs of a quality practice:

The practice should have modern equipment, including one or more surgical suites. They should be equipped to perform emergency surgery when needed. They should also have the training and equipment for perform non-invasive procedures, such as endoscopy. This is a surgery which only requires small incisions and makes recovery easier. There should also be X-ray equipment on site.

A full-service clinic will have a lab and diagnostic equipment on site. They will be able to analyze your pet’s blood or urine to detect problems.

Your pet’s hospital should have incubators and isolation equipment for very sick or infectious pets. Facilities should be state-of-the art and be designed to protect pets, aid their recovery, and keep them comfortable.

A clinic should offer spay and neutering services. A modern clinic may be able to provide laparoscopic spaying, without traditional surgery.

Choose a clinic that offers dental services.

The veterinary clinic you choose should offer twenty-four hour emergency services. They should offer boarding facilities and day care. When evaluating an Emergency Animal Hospital Millersville customers should ask how pets are cared for when recuperating or boarding. Is soothing music offered? Where do they play? What will their diet be? Find out whether your vet offers grooming services as well as routine wellness care. Ask to see boarding and grooming facilities as well as surgical areas, if possible. Most of all, make sure you feel comfortable with the staff. The vet and his staff members should be caring and gentle with your pet. Both you and your animal companion should be comfortable going to the vet.

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