What Can Homeowners Expect From Septic System Installation Service in Vermont?

by | Mar 23, 2015 | Plumbing and Plumbers

Unless a home is connected to a municipal sewer system, it requires a septic tank to be installed. Whether a tank is being installed for a new home or is being replaced because it is no longer functioning properly, the process is the same. Though this procedure takes time and creates a mess in the landscape of a home, it is essential for proper removal of waste materials. If you are a homeowner in need of Septic System Installation Service in Vermont, allow this information to help you prepare.
There are three basic types of septic tank systems:

1. Concrete septic tanks are the most widely used because they are more durable than other options. Though the concrete can develop cracks, it is usually strong enough to stand up to use for around twenty years. Since the concrete is such a heavy material, this helps to prevent shifts in the tank that can lead to leaks and damage.
2. Steel tanks are one of the least-used options for septic tanks because of their tendency to corrode. Corrosion can lead to major septic leaks, allowing for water supply contamination. These tanks are also dangerous since their covers can easily allow for people to fall should they happen upon a corroded tank.
3. Fiberglass may be less susceptible to corrosion and cracks, but it is much lighter than other options. This often leads to shifts in the soil that can cause problems with normal function.

When a Septic System Installation Service in Vermont is carried out, the yard must be excavated in the area the tank will be placed. This process takes time and is labor-intensive. Once the area has been prepared, the tank will be properly installed at the right soil depth. The lines will then be put into place, so they connect with all of the toilets and drains in the home.

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