What can you expect from a limousine service?

by | Jul 31, 2013 | Transportation and Logistic

A limousine service on Long Island is quite straight forward; it provides the customer with a limousine and a driver. Limousines are usually available on an hourly rental and the price will depend on the limo itself, the cost of fuel in the area and any extra services the customer requests. Limousines are often put forward as a safe and fun way to take teenagers to the prom, a neat way to arrive at a wedding venue, a party or a sporting event. If there are any places of interest in the area, seeing them from the seat of a limousine adds a different dimension to the trip. A limousine is often fully decked out with TV, DVD players and deep tinted windows.

Depending on the area, limousine service on Long Island can vary in price. The factors involved in pricing are the time the customer wants the vehicle, the features of the car, the number of people that can be accommodated, the distance the driver will travel and the price of gas all factor in. It is also wise when calculating the total cost to factor in a 15 percent tip for the driver as this is normal practice. Many companies add the tip to the bill which rather makes the customer feel odd if he doesn’t pay something to the driver directly.

Limousine services are called upon for many reasons but there are two that are most common; transporting people who have been drinking well over the limit and super stylish transport for special events. Parents will often hire a limousine to take their child to and from the prom; this relieves the burden of transport from the parents and allows the teen and his date to arrive in style. Limousines are often chosen for this because if they are so instructed by the parents, the driver will not tolerate drinking in the vehicle; in no case will smoking be allowed in a limousine.

Most limousine hire companies have a fleet of vehicles; many have different seating capacity and accoutrements. From the vehicles available the customer can select one that is most suitable usually based on seating. For weddings, many who offer Long Island Airport Limousine Service have white cars.

Limousine service on Long Island is available from Dynasty Limousine, Long Island’s premier service. The company is dedicated to providing first class service to all its customers by providing the best in courtesy, reliability and dependability.

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