What You Need to Know About Climate Control Storage in Los Angeles

by | Aug 1, 2013 | Moving and Storage

Tourists and local residents alike love the bright sun of Los Angeles. However, in the busy shuffle between air-conditioned cars, workplaces and homes, it’s easy to forget just how hot it can get inside a structure with no windows or temperature control and that endless sun pouring down. While this isn’t an issue where the storage of sturdy things such as metal and glass are concerned, when you need to tuck away more sensitive items for a while you should consider Climate Control Storage in Los Angeles.

Climate control storage containers are most often located inside an external building, the better to keep ambient conditions in check. In general, the temperature range allowed by Climate Control Storage in Los Angeles runs from 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Exact temperatures can vary by provider, depending on the weather of the local area and the particular needs of the materials being stored. (Obviously, in Los Angeles the units will tend toward being cooled more often than heated.) It does tend to be a bit more expensive per month to keep your family heirlooms as warm or cool and dry as needed for their greatest longevity and to give them that extra layer of protection from outside weather extremes, as well as security from potential thieves.

Climate control guards your valuables against a wide variety of damages: pest infestation, the warping or cracking of wood or plastic; corrosion, rust, yellowing, molding or mildewing of canvases or papers. Family heirlooms such as clothing, art or wooden or leather furniture and irreplaceable documents are the items most in need of careful handling, though it is also wise to store computers, cameras, televisions and other delicate electronics safely, as they are equally endangered by overly hot or wet conditions.

While in these economic times the extra monthly expense of Climate Control Storage in Los Angeles may seem like an unwise burden, imagine the horror of packing away your precious family artifacts (perhaps even an art collection?) during a move or a remodel, only to find them yellowed, moth-and-mouse-eaten and disfigured beyond use. Be smart and ensure the safety of your heritage and your luxury items; store them safely.

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