When to Use reflective traffic cones

by | Sep 24, 2013 | Business

Traffic cones are an easy way to mark off dangerous areas during construction or repairs, so that visitors to the site know which areas they should avoid. The cones can signal a barrier, or simply point out that a specific area is less safe and visitors should tread carefully.

Orange traffic cones can be used in the following situations:

Road Construction Sites — Motorists understand that reflective traffic cones mark an area as dangerous or off limits. If you’ll be assisting with a road construction project, be sure that you have enough construction cones or barrels to clearly designate the area that you’ll be working in. The cones can also be used to barricade off driveways after paving, designate areas that are being mowed along the roadside, or block off fresh road paint so that motorists don’t smear it before it dries.

Sidewalk Repairs — Concrete sidewalks can weather, crack, and break over time. When this happens, the original concrete must be removed so that new concrete can be poured. While this process takes place, it’s important that pedestrians stay out of the area. Traffic cones can mark off the dangerous area clearly, allowing anyone who comes near to see that they shouldn’t go near the sidewalk repairs.

Damaged or Condemned Buildings — If a building has been damaged severely or condemned, it’s important that people passing by or visiting know which areas are unsafe. While repairs are taking place, take the time to mark off dangerous areas with traffic cones. The cones can help those unfamiliar with the site to see, at a glance, which areas pose a threat. This allows them to stay in the safe areas of the home while inspecting, evaluating, or assessing damage.

As repairs to the building begin, you can also designate areas of construction with these same cones. The bright, reflective plastic sends a clear signal that those in the area should pay careful attention to their surroundings.

If you’re in charge of site safety, take the time to pick out appropriately sized traffic cones to serve as a physical and visual barrier between visitors and unsafe areas. Doing so can provide you with much needed peace of mind by helping to ensure that your site is as safe as possible.

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