Why a Fire Alarm Test Matters

by | Jul 21, 2016 | Fire Protection Service

Homeowners, as well as business owners, invest money in fire alarms. The whole point is to ensure that, if a fire should break out, everyone can get out of the building as quickly as possible. Along with the installation of the alarm, there’s also the matter of making sure the system is working properly. Here are some of the reasons why holding a Fire Alarm Test now and then make a difference.

Love From the Insurance Company

Having a fire alarm system installed generates favor with the insurance provider. Choosing to have a professional conduct a Fire Alarm Test at least a couple of times each year also keeps the provider happy. For the property owner, having proof those tests were conducted, and the recommendations of the expert were followed will come in handy when the time comes to file a claim for damages resulting from a fire.

Saving Money on the Insurance

While the hope is that a fire never takes place, choosing to install and check those alarms regularly will save money over the years. That’s because many insurance providers offer discounts to property owners who install the alarms and make sure they are maintained properly. Since testing does make it possible to confirm the units are working the way they should, it’s easy to keep enjoying those discounts.

Avoiding Nuisance Alarms

Those tests decrease the odds the alarms will malfunction and trigger a false call for help to the fire department. Known as nuisance alarms, these types of events waste a lot of time and resources. By using the testing to ensure the alarms are in perfect working order, they are unlikely to go off unless there is a real emergency.

If it’s been some time since the last test, today is the day to call an expert. Contact the team at Elite Fire Services Inc and set a date for a complete system check. Once the testing is complete, it will be easy to take care of any issues that need to be resolved and lock in a date for the next test. Keeping the system in top shape will ensure the property owner enjoys all the benefits, including reducing the risk of injury for everyone who enters the structure.

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