Why are so many Sciatica sufferers opting for chiropractic treatment?

by | Jun 11, 2015 | Chiropractor

Sciatica is a painful and debilitating condition which affects a significant proportion of people each year. Although traditionally considered to be exacerbated by a sedentary lifestyle, the reality is sciatica can affect active individuals of any age. Accident or injury may also trigger sciatica due to sciatic nerve damage. Currently there are a number of different treatments available to alleviate sciatica, including local steroid injections, spinal injections, oral pain relief, exercise and surgery. While in some cases these can prove useful, for a significant number of sufferers they’re just not suitable. If you or a family member would benefit from sciatica pain relief treatment in West Melbourne, read on for three reasons why chiropractic treatment might be appropriate.


Particularly for sciatica sufferers who have a number of pre-existing medical conditions, it’s often the case conventional treatments just aren’t recommended. Invasive interventions such as injections or surgery can cause unpleasant side effects and may even result in infection or symptoms getting worse. Many people don’t like the idea of an invasive treatment and may end up continuing to suffer because the thought of an injection or surgical procedure is too traumatic for them. For those patients, chiropractic can be an excellent sciatica pain relief treatment.

No Medical Interaction

If sufferers are already taking other forms of medication for pre-existing conditions, the pain killers which are recommended as a standard treatment for sciatica may not be an appropriate choice. Medications inevitably interact with each other, leading to potentially serious complications and physiological damage. In these circumstances, a chiropractic care & wellness center can provide a medication free course of treatment to give effective sciatica pain relief treatment in west Melbourne.

Convenient, Quick and Suitable For Any Age

Chiropractic procedures involve minute manipulations of the spinal column which provides sciatica pain relief treatment. Often undertaken alongside a customized program of exercises to strengthen and support the spine, chiropractic work not only frequently results in patients reporting an improvement in symptoms, it can also tackle the underlying causes of the condition, reducing the chances of an unwelcome relapse.

For patients who want an effective, holistic solution to the problems their sciatica causes, chiropractic sciatica pain relief treatment can provide the ideal solution. Clow Chiropractic is a chiropractic care & wellness center located in Melbourne which specializes in treating sciatica issues caused through accident, injury or other reasons.


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