Why Driving and Texting Does Cause Accidents

by | Oct 6, 2016 | Transportation

Almost everyone has tried it, taking a cell phone call while driving. On occasions, it is may be an unconscious action to answer the call even when you’re driving. The same cannot be said about receiving or sending a text. You will definitely know what you’re doing and your eyes will not be on the road all of the time. Driving with a sufficiently large truck and trailer carrying tens of tons of payload adds to your difficulties as you have instantly multiplied the problem, which is why the best trucking company to work for won’t tolerate anyone texting and driving.

The Rules Are On Your Side

Fortunately, the rules agree with the majority of common sense. The FMCSA regulations expressly prohibit any texting from a mobile phone while you’re driving a commercial motor vehicle.

At the very minimum, texting drivers may be fined, but they risk being disqualified from driving which effectively means they are out of work.

The Facts Prove That Texting Causes Accidents

There are a wide range of studies, with results available across the Internet that show that texting drivers are more likely to crash. The data shows that drivers who text while driving are over 20 times more likely to be involved in a crash or a potential unsafe moment or event. Even truckers dialing a number on their mobile phone are six times more likely to be involved in an incident that causes worry for the driver and other vehicles and pedestrians around them.

When you’ve decided to join the best trucking company to work for, you will need to check their rules and regulations because some operators allow the various hands-free options which are available, so that you don’t have to take your eyes off the road.

Moving from Your Comfortable Seat

When your phone rings, you’re going to have to move yourself, however slightly, to pick up the phone, look at it and answer it. This may mean that you have moved from the standard driving position that you feel safest with.

Hands-free options are widely available, but you will still be distracted when you talk or listen to another individual on your cell phone.

Taking selfies why you drive is almost certainly going to move you the wrong side of the current regulations. Without doubt, the FMCSA have already suggested that taking pictures with the camera on your phone, as you drive, is now beyond the rules and would be regarded as completely unsafe.

Why put yourself and others in such danger?

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