Why Retaining Walls in Summit, NJ are a Great Addition to Your Home

by | Aug 29, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Retaining Walls in Summit, NJ are an excellent home improvement project. These are used in order to level land, and to keep sloping areas from washing away with the rain. Retaining walls are very useful to provide extra space for landscaping purposes. Although these can serve an attractive and decorative function, these systems are used mainly for a structural purpose. The support provided by retaining walls is the main desired aspect for having them installed.

A retaining wall doesn’t just have to be a wall of brick. Outdoor steps also serve the same function, while providing access to areas for people. Walls can be made out of a variety of materials, from simple concrete block, to elaborate stones with designs engraved into the surface. Varying colors can lead to interesting designs. Some may choose a certain look for modern tastes, or for a more rustic flare. Just because it’s functional, doesn’t mean a wall has to look institutional.

Larger blocks tend to be used for the more practical purposes, while smaller stones are used to achieve additional decorative purpose. While many retaining walls are constructed with cinder blocks and cement, a more traditional method-;known as gravity or slip building-;is most often used. This allows the weight of the blocks or stones to keep the shape of the wall. This method has been used in wall construction for thousands of years.

Stone is not the only material that can be used in the construction of a retaining wall. Timbers may also be used, though they do not provide the same durability offered by stone. The wall may also have some use of steel rebar in order to provide additional reinforcement and strength to the structure. Small retaining walls may make a good do it yourself project.

However, if the design is complicated, or if the wall is more than four feet tall, it is best to use a professional to design and construct the structure. This is especially true if the slope is very step, because this requires more intricate design and reinforcement to be safe. Safety should be the paramount concern of any home project. To Know More visit us today!

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