Why Should You Choose Gravel For Your Yard?

by | Jul 14, 2020 | General

It seems there’s a whole host of options out there in terms of landscaping materials for your workplace or home. In fact, there are so many that some property owners find themselves unsure of which option is the best for them. Stone, and stone-related materials, however, seem to be the most popular. This is why many customers turn to gravel stone supplies in Graham for their landscaping needs. There are many reasons as to why gravel may be the best choice of landscaping materials for your property. Keep reading to learn the benefits.


When it comes to landscaping (or any other aspect of home design), one of the first elements clients consider is the cost. The good news is gravel is one of the cheapest materials to obtain from gravel stone supplies in Graham. It is fairly cheap to both install and obtain, making it perfect for property owners with a stricter budget.

Keeps Pests Away

What if you want to incorporate plants into your yard, interspersed among the gravel? This is certainly doable, and is actually healthier for your plants than planting them in grass or among some other kind of landscaping material. This is because gravel wards off insects that might want to snack on your plants and makes it harder for weeds to grow.

A Variety of Options

Another great thing about choosing gravel for your landscaping needs is the sheer amount of variety at your disposal. Most gravel stone suppliers in Graham offer gravel in all types of sizes, textures and colors, making it easy for you to find a kind of gravel you like for your yardscape.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Unlike asphalt and brick, gravel doesn’t take nearly as many steps to lay across your yard. All you have to do is spread it evenly across your chosen area. It doesn’t need any extra care after it’s been laid. In fact, it may actually boost the health of your lawn and any plants in it by keeping the soil underneath wetter for longer.

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