Why You Should Get A CDL and Become a Truck Driver in Oregon

Although many people enjoy their time behind a desk each day, you may not feel the same way. Rather than succumbing to a traditional 9 to 5 schedule and workload, you can choose a path that provides more freedom. You can start a wonderful career driving trucks around local or national regions. Instead of staring at the walls of your cubicle, you can get a glimpse of beautiful scenery from a wide variety of places. Here are the reasons why you should get a CDL and become a truck driver.


Many jobs require a CDL license, like operating a bus, dump truck, or garbage truck. Although these are great opportunities, they do not offer as much as CDL trucking jobs in Oregon. There are many routes you can choose that will keep you near your home. Or, you can sign up for deliveries that must go to the furthest corners of the nation. Also, you can handle these on your own, or you can partner with another driver to work as a team.


Getting a four-year college degree may not be a venture you are interested in. This often requires you to get a large amount of debt and will keep you from pursuing other goals like family and travel. But, training for CDL trucking jobs in Oregon can take weeks to complete. Also, many companies will pay for your training and provide you with a job after graduation. Once your courses are complete, you can go right into earning a high income.

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