Why You Should Get Pet Grooming in Lenexa, KS

by | Jan 25, 2019 | Animal Helath

Having your pet groomed doesn’t just keep him looking great. It’s also good for the health of both you and your pet. Just like your scalp, a dog or cat’s skin stays in better condition when the hair is kept clean and free of snarls. Pets also can get parasites like fleas and mites, and grooming will allow these pests to be found and eliminated in short order.

For humans, Pet Grooming Lenexa, KS helps control allergies by preventing an overabundance of shed hair from flying around the house. It can also minimize the amount of dander that comes off of a dog or cat. You’ll also be happier if your pet smells nice. Most groomers use pleasant-smelling shampoos and other products to produce that fresh scent.

Pet Grooming in Lenexa, KS is good for dogs for several reasons. A shampooing keeps them clean, and this improves the health of both the skin and the hair. Having a dog’s nails trimmed is another essential thing to do. This will allow the animal to walk normally and prevent foot problems. Finally, grooming will allow for the detection and removal of parasites. Most dogs will acquire fleas at some point, and a flea bath can be a regular event.

Cats usually don’t need as much grooming, but sometimes they have to be taken in for Pet Grooming Lenexa, KS. Despite their habit of using their tongues to “wash” themselves, that method misses the deep-down dirt. A professionally-delivered bath will get all of the grime out of the coat, and in turn, restore health to the skin while improving the odor of the animal. Your cat may not thank you for having this service done, but your nose will.

How often an animal needs Pet Grooming Lenexa, KS depends on the length of its fur and whether it goes outside. A pet that goes out on a regular basis will need more baths, while one with long fur will need regular brushing and combing. Having a long-coated animal’s fur cut will make between-visit grooming much easier, so it is a common practice to do so if the pet isn’t a show animal.

With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder that most pet owners use some sort of grooming service on a regular basis. Life is easier and healthier with a well-groomed pet. For more information about these services click here. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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