Get Dental Help For Your Dog at an Animal Clinic in Olathe KS

by | Oct 8, 2018 | Animal Helath

Humans need to visit the dentist pretty regularly if they are going to stay as healthy as possible. We’re taught this from a very young age, and few people ever question the idea that a visit to the dental office is a good idea. Those same individuals often forget, though, that their dog also has teeth and needs some of the same care and support to stay healthy and comfortable. As you are planning out your dog’s veterinary needs, remember that he may need to go to an Animal Clinic in Olathe KS for help with his teeth as well.

You can limit your need to get dental care for a dog if you are willing to regularly brush his teeth. There are special brushes and toothpaste available from many pet stores and a number of online retailers that are designed to make this safer and easier. Human toothpaste is not an appropriate substitute. You’ll have to be willing to be patient and to work your dog up to the idea of letting you brush his teeth, though, since letting someone mess around in their mouths doesn’t come naturally to most canines. This is especially true if you have a pet who is already used to the idea that people only go prying into his mouth when they are trying to take an item away from him.

If your pet already has a problem with his teeth, or they just need a good cleaning, you can get help from an Animal Clinic Olathe KS. Dental care at a veterinary office usually requires sedation, so it’s not the kind of thing that you can just have done quickly and casually. It can be a way of doing a simple cleaning, but it is often something that veterinarians do when they see signs that a dog has a cavity and is in pain. At this point, the tooth will generally have to be removed and there may be a need to treat an infection as well.

Prevention is the best way to go for dental problems. If you already have an issue with your dog, or if your brushing efforts didn’t manage to prevent every possible cavity, the local animal clinic can still help.

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