Why You Should Look Into Iowa City IA Commercial Security Alarms

by | Jul 30, 2014 | Electronics and Electrical

If you’re starting a small business, one of the most important things you should look into is a security system for your storefront and your stock. With a small business, a break in can mean days of being closed while you get the money you need from your business insurance to repurchase your stock. Then you’ll have to wait for the stock to arrive. One way to prevent theft or a large burglary is by having security alarms to monitor your business.

Open Hours

While you’re open, there are two general kinds of theft that can occur: employee theft and theft by your shoppers. Prominently displayed and hidden cameras help to deter both types of theft, and they can help you catch the people doing it. In the case of employee theft, you will have video evidence when you fire and prosecute them. In the case of theft by shoppers, you can have a photograph to show the police to aid in their capture as well as one by the register so your employees know to keep an eye on them if they come in your store again.

Closed Hours

When your store is closed is when break-ins can occur, and you’re not there to call the police. Commercial alarms can be set up to alert a monitoring company if a window is broken or if a door or window is opened. The monitoring company will then call the police for you, no matter what time of the night. They can also come with digital cameras with infrared lighting so the police can get a clear picture of the burglar even in the dark. This will help them find the person who broke into your business.

By making sure you have Iowa City IA Commercial Security Alarms to watch over your business, you can reduce the number of thefts that occur both when your store is open and when they’re closed. If a theft does occur, you have a higher chance of being able to catch the person who did it, as you can have a picture of them to give to the police. If you would like to look into Iowa City IA Commercial Security Alarms, companies like  invite you to browse our website for more information or to set up an estimate.

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