Why You Will Need to Hire a Divorce Attorney in McMinnville, OR

Divorce is often the result of a troubled marriage. It is possible for you to get through a divorce without an attorney. However, there are many signs that indicate you will need to hire a divorce attorney in McMinnville, OR.

Your Spouse Has an Attorney

If your spouse has an attorney, then you will also need to hire one. You probably won’t win your case if you attempt to represent yourself. Your attorney will make sure that all your rights are protected.

The Process is More Complicated

The divorce process can be quite complicated. There is a lot of paperwork that you will have to fill out. If you make a mistake, then it can take you much longer to get through the divorce. Divorces are even more complicated when there are children involved. That is why you need a divorce attorney in McMinnville, OR to guide you through the process.

You are Worried About Your Financial Future

A divorce can ruin you financially if you are asked to pay alimony or child support. Your attorney can make sure that the divorce does not put financial stress on you.

Your Ex is Dangerous

If you ex has any drug dependency or violent tendencies, this can make your divorce a lot more complicated. Your attorney will make sure that you and your children are protected. They can also help you get a restraining order.

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