Your Choices for New Siding in Minneapolis, MN

If you are trying to decide among the various kinds of home Siding Minneapolis MN, you have several siding manufacturers to choose from as well as several kinds of siding. There are several kinds of siding to choose from, like vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, wood siding, and aluminum siding. Some of the factors that may influence your decision, aside from the initial price, the design and style of the siding, and the colors available, is the quality of the product, the aesthetic appeal, the durability, and the maintenance costs in the future.

If you live in an area with cold winters, you will want siding that is going to hold up in a wide range of temperatures, including bitterly cold winter temperatures, without cracking, splitting, and breaking in the cold. When you’re looking at the products in store or in a brochure, check for the product’s resistance to winds. The siding in Minneapolis MN should be able to withstand winds that are well over 100 mph. In fact, you can find some brands that are resistant to winds of 140 mph and some that go up to 240 mph. The sun alone can cause the color on your siding to fade, so check the product’s resistance to fading under the sun’s rays. The siding should also state in the warranty what the manufacturer’s guarantee is against hail damage.

Some siding, but not all, is called insulated siding. Some brands of insulated siding are made to capture radiant heat, and this kind of siding ends up having a higher R-value insulation rating than typical insulated siding. Vinyl siding may have more impact resistance than fiber cement siding, and it may have excellent wind-resistance ratings up to 240 mph winds. On the other hand, fiber cement siding has some advantages over vinyl. It won’t melt or combust, and although the color is baked on, it can be changed later, unlike with vinyl. Cement siding, unlike wood siding, won’t warp or crack, and it is resistant to water damage and rotting. Some fiber cement siding is thicker than the average vinyl siding, too, which may make it more durable.
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