Break The Cigarette Habit – Visit Vapor Smoke Shops

by | Apr 29, 2015 | Electronics Store

Ask a cigarette smoker if he’d like to quit smoking and most will answer with an emphatic yes. The trouble with stopping usually isn’t the lack of desire, but it’s the two-fold problem, instead. One problem is the draw of nicotine. It’s very difficult to stop once you are addicted. It’s been proven that nicotine addiction is not only a psychological addiction, but a physical one too. The second problem that makes it difficult to stop smoking cigarettes is that the smoker actually enjoys and draws comfort in the act of smoking. Holding the cigarette and taking a hit is a pleasurable act. For a smoker, the morning commute wouldn’t be quite so tolerable without holding and smoking a cigarette. Of course, with the advent of Smoke Shops that offer vapor electronic cigarettes a smoker can get a nicotine fix and enjoy the pleasurable act of smoking all without ever touching a traditional tobacco product again.

A Vapor Shop offers everything you need to break free from cigarettes. Convenient and reasonably priced starter kits offer batteries, tanks to hold the flavored liquid, replacement coils and a charger. Everything is included to allow you to break the habit right away. A vast array of e-liquids are available, too, in almost any flavor you can imagine. From traditional tobacco flavors that mimic your favorite brand, both regular and menthol, to berry flavors and coconut to bubble gum and banana. There is truly something for everyone.

Nicotine levels vary, too. Most smokers enjoy full strength e-liquid with nicotine to start at 18mg – 24mg. As they’ve used an e-cig for a while, many lower their nicotine level to 6mg – 12 mg, lessening their addiction to nicotine in a gentle way without losing any flavor. Plus, because the smoker can still enjoy the act of smoking with an e-cig, it’s much easier to stop the traditional tobacco cigarette and switch to electronic. Eventually, the flavors can be enjoyed in an e-liquid with 0mg nicotine, freeing the smoker from the addiction of nicotine, yet still allowing the enjoyment of smoking.

Smoke Shops are located almost everywhere; even small towns usually have one or two shops that have popped up. If not, supplies can always be purchased online at Shipping is fast, and the selection is great. Give a vapor e-cig a try. You’ve got nothing to lose, but much enjoyment to gain. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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