Cleaning Your Septic Systems Olympia WA

by | Aug 13, 2013 | Septic Tanks

For most people, their sewage or Septic Systems Olympia WA is one of those things they pay little or no attention to, either it works or not. However, when that system fails there is no way on earth you can ignore it. Most sewage problems develop because of clogs in the line, but home septic system users may find their problems are larger than that. Septic tanks are the urban solution to sewage treatment plants. These are very simple systems which function by collecting waste solids and liquids in a large tank. Once in the tank, the solids settle to the bottom and the excess water drains out into the local soil. As the solid material sits in the tank, bacterial action kicks in and microbes slowly eat away part of this waste matter. Unfortunately, some of that solid waste is left behind and over time it fills the tank.

Eventually, all that solid waste builds up to the point where the tank doesn’t have enough room left to allow the home’s sewage lines to drain properly. When this happens your Septic Systems in Olympia WA must be pumped clean or sewage will back up in the drain lines and then into the home. Cleaning the tank is not that difficult when you have the right equipment, but it isn’t something the homeowner can do on their own. The basic procedure includes vacuuming the tanks clean and testing the field lines when required. Services will vary between companies so make sure you know which steps to expect.

Besides the tank itself, Septic Systems Olympia WA are comprised of a set of drainage lines which run from the tank into the surrounding soil, typically a back yard or field. The point of these lines is to drain any excess liquid from the tank when the waste fluid reaches the top, but sometime excess solid gets washed out too. Over time this material will build up around the field line’s drain holes reducing their functionality. In many cases, you can wash some of this old waste away and bring the lines back into proper working order, but when the system has been operating for many years you may need to use a stronger cleaning method. To this end, septic service companies have begun using a cleaning method which uses pressurized air to loosen the soils around the field lines.



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