What To Expect With Corrective Laser Eye Surgery

by | Aug 13, 2013 | General

Why wear glasses when you don’t have to? Performing a minimal, non-invasive, out-patient surgery to the eyes known as Corrective Laser Eye Surgery, you can have great vision without glasses or contact lenses. By reshaping the front of the eye, or cornea, light can transfer back to the retina properly. Lasik surgery is just one form of surgery that is used to correct the eye.

During Corrective Laser Eye Surgery, a doctor uses a laser to cut back the outer flap of the eye and make adjustments to the cornea using another laser. Typically the procedure lasts 10 minutes and is performed after a sedation in the form of eye drops are put in the eyes. In particularly sensitive situations, mild sedation can be used.

While the surgery is 90% effective in the patients it is practiced on, there are a few side effects and disadvantages to the procedure. For instance, if a mistake is made during the Lasik procedure, it can be adjusted, but not necessarily corrected. The most common problem, although rare, is when the initial cut in the cornea flap is made. Lasik surgery adjustments in the cornea may be made but a tear in the cornea flap may not be corrected.

Before the surgery, you will have a consultation with a doctor to determine if the procedure is right for you. Tests such as measuring the corneal thickness, refraction, mapping, air pressure and dilation are performed. Side effects are detailed so that you know about the possibility of glare, seeing halos, difficult night vision driving, fluctuating vision and dry eyes that are associated with the risks of Affordable Lasik Eye Surgery.

Your vision may be corrected in as little as immediately after surgery and up to 48 hours after the procedure. There are no bandages or stitches that need treatment however, you will need to revisit the doctor 24 hours after the surgery. Your doctor will evaluate your condition and healing process. While you may not feel like your eyes are dry, the surgery dries them out. A prescription medication for dry eyes will be provided and will need to be applied as suggested by your doctor.

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