Commercial Laundry Carts — Not Just for Professional Laundries Anymore!

by | Sep 17, 2013 | Cleaning

One of the commercial laundry industry’s best kept secrets is now out of the bag!

Most people associate the use of commercial laundry carts with large industrial laundry facilities, such as those found in hospitals, motels, hotels, restaurants, prisons, dry cleaners, coin laundries, uniform supply services and the like. Industries such as these, which depend upon a steady supply of clean linens, towels, uniforms, etc. would not function nearly so well (if at all) without the aid of industrial laundry carts, which is why such carts are generally assumed to be specific to these types of facilities.

The same laundry carts that have so long served these commercial industries are also available for the general public to purchase. Many families, especially large families, with many children, or those that home school and are home all day long often generating more laundry than do families who are away from home all day long, have come to depend upon these carts. They offer multiple advantages over the flimsy plastic laundry baskets that many families use. For one thing, they are larger. Not only that, but commercial carts are also better made than plastic baskets. Most are made of chrome, which does not tarnish, stain or wear, welded to a sturdy steel base. They are on wheels (some versions even come with encased rollers that by virtue of their design will not pick up dirt, lint or dog hair), which permit them to be rolled from laundry to bedrooms and back again. Even small children can push them along!

Commercial carts come in various sizes and with options such as a lower shelf that is convenient for moving laundry supplies or folded laundry about the home, as well as a double pole rack where clothes can be hung on clothes hangers still hot from the dryer, avoiding the twin plagues of both wrinkles and ironing.

While it might seem a bit unconventional for a family to use a commercial cart for its laundry, most families who have done so enthusiastically endorse their use to their friends. One commercial cart will last most families a lifetime, a much “greener” means to sort and transport family laundry than that of multiple plastic baskets, which over the years will significantly contribute to local landfill debris.

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