Everything You Need to Know About Hair Loss Treatment in TX

by | Jan 4, 2024 | Pain Management

Hair loss is one of the most distressing things women go through, especially when they are undergoing hormonal imbalances. Nearly half of postmenopausal women suffer from alopecia and hair thinning due to hormonal imbalance at this age. There are many treatment options out there for women experiencing hair thing, and balding can explore with the help of their physicians:

Can Hormonal Changes Lead to Hair Loss
Both women and men can suffer from hormonal imbalances that might cause hair thinning or falling. This is the correct answer to the question, Can hormonal changes lead to hair loss? Treating the hormonal imbalance can help restore your normal hair health. Aside from estrogen and testosterone, hair thinning can occur due to thyroid hormone imbalance. Insulin resistance might also cause hair loss and thinning.

Treating Hair Loss in Women
Medication such as minoxidil offers a great and effective solution for hair loss in women. Research shows that the drug is effective at stimulating hair growth, especially for women experiencing hair loss and thinning. Taking iron supplements if you have iron deficiency can help stimulate the growth of hair and minimize thinning. An anti-androgen medication like spironolactone can potentiate the effect of minoxidil.

Another alternative is hair transplant, a procedure that has been used since the 1950s to manage and treat androgenic alopecia. The surgical procedure involves removing tiny grafts or strips of your scalps and planting them in regions of your head that are missing hair. This surgical technique has improved over the years and given women suffering from alopecia a new lease of life and confidence.

Treating hair loss is possible simply by establishing the stressor in your life with your doctor. You can try treating the underlying issues, such as hormonal imbalances, and supplement with nutrients or medications that promote hair growth. For more details about hair loss treatment in Tyler, TX, visit QC Kinetix (Tyler). View Testimonials.

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