Handy Inspection Checklist for Car Buyers

by | Mar 29, 2017 | Car Dealer

Hacks and hucksters can make the car buying process a bit more challenging. You’ll need to be on your guard. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you could miss out on subtle signs that you’re going buying a lemon. Here’s an inspection checklist to serve as a handy guide when you finally talk to a Mercedes dealer in Aurangabad:


Check the tires for cracks. Look at the body panel and see if the colors match. Assess the paint job, says the DMV. Is it new? That might conceal rust on the body, which is an expensive problem, one you wouldn’t want to be saddled with. Look for scratches and dents as well. Don’t forget to check the wipers and blades to make sure they’re in good condition and free of rust. The headlights should work out fine too. If they’re foggy or busted, that’s not a good sign.


Check the tires. They should be from a reputable brand. If one of the tires are from a different make, that’s a problem. Be sure the tires don’t have any cuts or cracks. If you see uneven wear, that could point to an alignment problem. Look over the spare tire to make sure it’s inflated.


If there are any oil leaks along with thick black deposits on the oil filter neck or signs of corrosion on the battery, then those are signs of engine problems. Unpleasant odors also mean you could end up with problems on your hands if you go for that car.

Finding help

Still, you won’t be able to cover every ground. One way to spare yourself the stress and worry that you’ll make the wrong choice is to pick a reputable Mercedes dealer in Aurangabad. With great financing offers, reliable dealers and a team of trained technicians, B.U. Bhandari Motors might just offer you the solution you need for a better shopping experience.

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