Having A Hearing Test

by | Aug 10, 2022 | Healthcare

A hearing test is actually several tests that will measure your Hearing Test in Palm Beach Gardens FL for a variety of sounds. Hearing tests are done by a licensed practitioner in a special sound booth or an extremely quiet room. When all the testing is done you will have a result of either normal hearing or some degree of hearing loss.

It is suggested that a Hearing Test in Palm Beach Gardens FL hearing screening should be done around age fifty, unless you experience hearing problems earlier. There have been studies done that suggest that if hearing loss is detected and treated early it can slow down the hearing loss process. Conversely, if hearing loss is not detected early it will worsen more quickly. Hearing loss happens gradually and you will likely not notice a difference, but your family and friends will.

Before the actual hearing part of your hearing test begins you will be asked to answer questions about your overall health and hearing history. You should also be asked about any prescription medication or over the counter medication you are taking. Either of these types of drugs could impact your hearing. You should also provide any information you think is pertinent at this time as well.

Next the Hearing Test in Palm Beach Gardens FL practitioner will take a visual look at your ears. They will look at your ear canal and ear drum with an otoscope (that lighted device). It magnifies the ear structures so that the practitioner can get a good look at the inside of your ear. In fact most hearing specialist will use a video otoscope. That way you can see the inside of your ear on a video screen. Otoscopes can detect ear was blockages, if an ear drum is perforated, and any signs of infection in the ear canal or middle ear. Any of these things could impact your hearing.

You may also be given an air conduction test you are put into a sound proof room with headphones. The practitioner will then play a series of tones at different frequencies, one at a time. By determining which sounds you can hear they will be able to determine how well your outer and middle ear structures process sound.

Hearing screening can be a short procedure to a battery of tests. Whichever it is the hearing care professional you are working with should explain very procedure they do and explain the results to you. You have control over your good hearing, ask as many questions as you need so that you understand what you are being told.

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