Injured on a Scooter? Hire Personal Injury Attorneys in Brockton

by | Sep 27, 2013 | Lawyers, Lawyers & Law Firms

Riding a scooter to work each day is an affordable way to commute. But that convenience can turn into a tragedy when the scooter rider tries to stop at the intersection and the brakes don’t work. Not only is he severely injured, but several others are as well. They all decide that he was negligent for not stopping and file claims with his insurance company. Despite his own injuries, he knows he has to hire personal injury attorneys Brockton to get to the truth. When the attorney’s hear his side of the case, they quickly agree to take it on.

His lawyers decided to bring in a forensic engineer to evaluate the scooter. They found major problems with the braking mechanism. While it had been serviced several times, the flaw wasn’t detected and fixed. His own insurance company agreed with this finding and rejected all of the claims based on the fact that he was in no way negligent. He had followed the proper maintenance guidelines and his scooter was working fine until the accident occurred. He was obeying all of the rules of the road when the accident happened and driving in a safe manner.

His Brockton personal injury attorneys decided to sue the scooter manufacturer, the brake manufacturer and the mechanic who routinely serviced the vehicle. While the brake system failure was unusual, they claimed that it should have been discovered several times. Quality control at the brake manufacturing plant missed the problem completely. Despite the fact that it was a problem they knew could exist.

The scooter driver was cleared of any negligence and sued to cover his medical bills, lost wages and the emotional trauma of being blamed for the accident. While attempting to recover from severe spinal injuries he and his lawyers had to respond to numerous questions from other injured persons. When the lawyers finally compiled a list of all of the things that were wrong with the braking system and when they had occurred, both the brake maker and scooter maker settled out of court with the scooter rider and all of the other injured parties. They paid out fair monetary settlement to all the injured persons to cover their costs of making a full recovery.
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