Is Your Organization Looking For A Corporate Keynote Speaker?

by | Sep 17, 2013 | Communications

Does your business ever need the services of a speakers bureau? A speakers bureau is a company that provides speakers for sponsors who need motivational speakers, conference speakers, keynote speakers and others.

A speakers bureau acts as managers and agents for well-known personalities from a variety of fields. Corporations, businesses and schools go through the speakers bureau to book the personality for an event.

Royce Carlton represents some eighty speakers. The company describes itself as agent, manager and broker. As Agent, Royce Carlton represents the speakers. Some are available for seminars, debates, hosts, moderators, as well as corporate keynote speaker. The company receives a commission from speakers for every engagement.

As manager, the company works with speakers and customers to coordinate the details to make events successful. The Client and Event Services Associates work on scheduling, so the customer and speaker have a detailed itinerary for the event. As broker, Royce Carlton recognizes that someone may want to engage a speaker the company doesn’t represent. In that instance, they’ll help find the speaker and negotiate a contract.

Royce Carlton represents such interesting personalities as CNN’s Fareed Zakaria. Zakaria is widely respected for his thoughtful analysis and ability to spot economic and political trends. Zakaria is an editor-at-large at Time Magazine and hosts Fareed Zakaria GPS.

The agency also represents renowned actress Patti Lupone. Lupone is a Tony-Award winning actress and singer. She played Eva Peron in the original Broadway Production of Evita.

If you want to engage a speaker, the agency gives them the offer. The speaker has to accept the offer. If the speaker accepts, you’ll receive a contract from Royce Carlton. It’s important that the sponsor’s offer is firm before signing. The contract is binding on both parties. “An Act of God,” is the only way to break the contract. If the sponsor breaks the contract within 60 days, they’re responsible for the entire fee. If the sponsor breaks the contract more than 60 days prior, they’re responsible for 50 percent of the fee. Events are not allowed to be recorded without permission of the agency or speaker.

If your company is looking for a speaker for the yearly conference, Royce Carlton appears to be the way to go. The agency represents over 80 speakers. Your organization will be able to find the perfect speaker.

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