Seeking Help from an Auto Injury Care Specialist

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Chiropractor

If a person has been involved in an auto accident then they very well could be suffering from the repercussions of a spinal and/or whiplash injury. Typically, with these kinds of injuries, people will have to cope with a substantial amount of neck and back pain, which can be persistent and worsen over time, which in turn leads to chronic pain and dysfunction. Seeking treatment from an auto injury care specialist can afford many the opportunity to live pain free without having to undergo invasive surgical procedures.

Understanding the Underlying Issues

Chiropractors understand the dynamics of pain that is generally associated with an automobile injury. Medication and surgery are always viable options for auto injury care, but chiropractors believe in healing the body naturally. The body is a magnificent tool that when aligned properly, will heal itself better than any other options that are available.
Whiplash Effect

Back and neck pain typically happens during the force that occurs at the point of impact in a vehicle. The body remains in motion during the accident and is abruptly thrown in various directions, depending on how bad the accident is. Whiplash gets its name from the ‘whipping’ effect that occurs at this time and it is very damaging to the natural curve of the neck and spine. When these parts of the body get misaligned, it can cause:

1. Strains and muscle spasms

2. Stiffness and soreness

3. Chronic pain and headaches

Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine generally relies on operations and prescription pain killers that may alleviate the pain and lessen it, but overall, this pain is being masked and the underlying issues still persist. Auto injury care specialists know how to properly realign the body and relieve it of the stressors caused by whiplash and spinal injuries. During the time of realignment and soon after, people are surprised at how effortlessly the chiropractors can give them back their free range of motion they once had, without anything other than utilizing their realignment techniques.

If people have been involved in a car accident, a Clow Chiropractic specialist can afford many cost effective and efficient solutions that do not require hospitalization. It is more important for auto injury care specialists to offer preventative solutions that promote optimal neck and spinal health. They also can educate people on how to maintain proper alignment and offer them techniques that can be practiced at home to speed up the healing process.


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